Asar 15

Depending largely on agriculture, the farmers in Nepal rely greatly on the monsoon rains. The fields which do not have a direct water source, such as a river or a creek, are fed solely by the rain water received during the monsoon season which usually begins in the middle of June. The month that marks the start of the wet season is called Asar. With the coming of the monsoon, the workers on the field start preparing for the planting season of rice. Since rice is very important for the Nepalese there is a whole festival dedicated to the beginning of the planting season called Asar 15, named by its date. Among the local population it is called Ropain. The day is marked by a huge celebration singing songs, splashing each other with mud and relishing the delicacy called dahi chiura (curd and beaten rice) all in hope of a fertile year.

Each year, the festival attracts both the local population and the foreigners to join in the fun and contribute to the wellbeing of the planting season. If you want to become a part of this auspicious occasion, just get away from the rumbling crowd of Kathmandu. Fortunately, you won’t have to go too far as green fields still dot the Kathmandu Valley. You can even try yourself at planting rice yourself or just enjoy in the mud throwing game and singing and dancing. It’s all up to you but fun is guaranteed!